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When Eagles Gather



This document was published internally on November 22, 2017, with the following warning. It is now being made public as of December 10, 2018.

Top Secret, Confidential


The Appendices to the Legacy of Smyrna contain confidential information and are only intended for the eyes of the 144,000. They may not be disclosed to outside persons without the prior consent of one of the authors or regional secretaries.

Violations are subject to the curse of God against the descendants of King Hezekiah, the son of Ahaz, who built the clock that was permitted to demonstrate God's wonders of retrograde time. Don’t be lifted up like Hezekiah, nor reveal the treasures of God to Babylon!

Then said Isaiah to Hezekiah, Hear the word of the Lord of hosts: Behold, the days come, that all that is in thine house, and that which thy fathers have laid up in store until this day, shall be carried to Babylon: nothing shall be left, saith the Lord. And of thy sons that shall issue from thee, which thou shalt beget, shall they take away; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon. (Isaiah 39:5-7)

High Sabbath Adventist Movement

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: (Acts 2:17-18)

Have you, my dear brethren in Alnitak, like me, often wondered where the sons and daughters, the young men and the old men, and the servants and handmaidens are, who prophesy in the Spirit of God and received His Spirit, if indeed we are already in the last days, and the latter rain has long since poured out over us? Will they perhaps not appear until the fifth trumpet, when we should multiply under the leadership of our Jesus-Alnitak, as Abaddon or Apollyon, like the locusts, giving the loud cry? Or are there already some voices announcing something similar to us, which we as the flock of God should recognize as His sheep, which we must lead to pasture—i.e. provide spiritual food for?

Yes, we have dreamers among us, like our brothers Aquiles, Jan, and others, but we hope for “prophets” of other denominations, who through hints from Jesus will ultimately guide their flocks to the truth of the Orion message. So, we've had in mind some such prophets out there, and from a distance we have been observing possible candidates for the joining of the fourth with the third angel's message, since we have the active part in this union, according to Ellen G. White. We must initiate it:

Angels were sent to aid the mighty angel from heaven, and I heard voices which seemed to sound everywhere, “Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” This message [the Fourth Angel’s message] seemed to be an addition to the third message, joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angel’s message in 1844. {EW 277.2}

If we are the movement of the “mighty angel from heaven,” where are the “angels who were sent” to aid us? Yes, brethren, if we wait for supernatural helpers, then we will be waiting in vain. In truth, the “messengers from heaven” are the heavenly bodies that you have already seen in Signs in Heaven, in the Shaking of the Heavens, and in the certification of our testament by the Heavenly Notary. If the failed Christians[1] of today had also looked up, then they would have recognized these “angels” that are supporting our work, and would have given an applause for the elaborate stellar performance. So far, however, the auditorium remains empty.

“So far” means until this important day, November 15, 2017, when I am beginning to write down what the Lord Alnitak has shown me in the last 24 hours, since the morning of November 14. I don’t expect the auditorium to fill up all at once because of what I have to report, but we are facing a great—if not the last—milestone of the work of the mighty angel from heaven. It is about the sealing of the 144,000 who couldn’t be found—neither before October 2016 nor in the past year of descent from Mt. Chiasmus. Yes, we have found a few souls in the higher cliffs, and have integrated them into our rescue team, but the numbers are far from being full. You know that.

Now, the Lord recently opened our eyes regarding the locusts of the fifth trumpet, and our hearts rejoiced because now we understood that we ourselves would be this tormenting plague upon the hordes of apostate nominal Christians, whom we wound by pricking their conscience with God’s Word, hurting the lustful flesh of those who practice LGBT lifestyles or follow such. They will begin to realize that we have the truth and that their path leads to destruction, but most of them will not want to accept this terrible realization, and would rather poison, burn, or drown us like annoying swarms of locusts. Our great God acted in foreknowledge when He isolated the locust as the only species among the insects which is not unclean,[2] thus laying the foundation for the imagery of the fifth trumpet. Praise the Lord!

At the tail end of the fourth trumpet, disillusioned from a harvest in which no inhabitants of the world were born,[3] but with renewal of hope for an exponential increase of the High Sabbath truth against the mark of the beast in the fifth trumpet, a divine message reaches us, strengthening us through the knowledge of our human weakness and salvific dependence on the all-wise Most High.

The apostle Paul praised the Lord, saying:

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

Understanding the heavenly signs that were personally promised by Jesus was a prerequisite for conveying this anniversary message, one year after beginning the descent from the Mountain of Time, for November 22, 2017. It couldn’t have been earlier that my doubt as the “last Elijah,” festering for almost a year because of one particular and very important part of our teaching, caused me to pay careful attention when a daughter of God spoke against our understanding of God's schedule again on November 13, 2017, and I decided to thoroughly scrutinize her words, which allegedly came from Jesus.

Nobody knows the time of the return

Sister Barbara, the wife of Brother Daniel, who have been sharing the name Godshealer7 in social networks for as many years as we have been there, and whose nearly 900 “prophecies” are often in good agreement with what we teach, received a message on November 12, the Shemini Atzeret of the second possibility:

This is the time of reckoning. Are you ready? Every deed, every sin, is written in the book. I see into your heart. I know your every thought. You justify your sin and compare yourself to your neighbor. You will stand before Me alone. We will review the things written. I hear many prayer requests and prayers requesting this time come quickly. Do you know what you are praying for? Are you prepared? I am the Alpha and Omega. No one knows the time of My return, but a mystery will be revealed to some of you. You will see the wind, and you will hear the lightning. When this comes to pass, I am at the door and will be opening it. Now is the time to pray for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

I wondered how it could be that “Jesus,” even among those we consider candidate prophets, kept emphasizing that nobody knew the time of His return, when we knew it! I first mentioned my doubt, which soon became apparent in my heart concerning the return date, earlier, shortly after the publishing of our knowledge concerning May 27, 2019. In recent months and weeks my doubt had grown, and I brought it before the Lord. Again and again I heard Him in my mind naming another date that we also know, but which we had placed differently in the flow of the end-time events.

As you all know, the date of the Second Coming is not just any date about which we could say, “What difference does it make if the Lord comes a few days earlier or later?” No, it is the solution to the three-part seal-set of Revelation 3:12: “The time when Alnitak comes down with the New Jerusalem from the Orion Nebula.” We answer with May 27, 2019. If the answer is wrong, then we are not sealed. If we are not sealed, then God will lose the Great Controversy and the universe will end, together with the God of Life.[4]

Equally devastating would be a revision of the correct date to a wrong one! Therefore, I hesitated to express my doubt for almost a year. I hoped that maybe someone in the movement would relieve me of the unpleasant responsibility and reopen the topic, of course with well-grounded reasoning that I myself was unable to deliver.

Brother Dan also received another one of his “prophecies” on November 12, which unfortunately always sound a bit like channeling, but then, on closer inspection, contain deeper wisdom than Sister Barbara's more practical messages. One positive thing that stands out about Brother Dan's messages—from the mouth of Jesus—is that “Time” is often personified, which is the core of our sealing message.[5]

At the beginning of Brother Dan's message, which appeared on November 13 as a video, the couple emphasized that the two messages they had received on November 12 were intimately connected and that Brother Dan's message was supposed to have appeared first. It was worded as follows:

The present speaks for the past, for what was, shall be. I am a God of order, for all things have a purpose known only to me. I create patience from impatience, humility from pride, and hope from despair. I am the Light of the world. All know of Me, but few know Me. I have created you in My image. You are not alone.[6] I am with you in all that you do. Today’s trials shall be rewarded. Step forward now and you shall feel My heavenly embrace,[7] for soon you shall be with Me in My Father’s house.

The fact that the two messages belong together gives an indication that something important is being repeated that has a direct connection to Sister Barbara's message about the revealing of a mystery, or the solving of a riddle, in connection with the return of Jesus-Alnitak.

History repeats itself

Those who still remember how we climbed the summit of Mt. Chiasmus and wandered the last few meters in the death zone, know that God gave me a “new” date for the Second Coming just before Yom Kippur 2016. All of those who had only been watching us from afar without giving real support to Jesus-Alnitak’s movement had a false date for the Second Coming written on their foreheads: October 24, 2016. Only a single day of difference sealed people for the beginning of the seven-year time of the lean years and a terrible death. Only the forum members, who had distinguished themselves by persistence, were awaiting the Lord earlier, on October 23, 2016. This story of correcting the date of the return for a select group is recorded in the Day of the Witnesses, and I advise everyone to read this article again, because this story is just being repeated.

I could even repeat my introduction to the forum message back then, but this time I would like to say that Alnitak just has a good message with unexpected new divine harmonies for you.

Let's begin with the correction, as I could teach our little family on November 14 in an impromptu study service in our temple on the White Cloud Farm.

The reflection

When we studied the date of Jesus' Second Coming a year ago, we brought everything into harmony, at least as far as our knowledge was concerned. Do you remember the gamma-ray burst of the sign of Jonah on April 27, 2013, which led me to its reflection on April 27, 2019, and thus to this year as the year of the Second Coming? How amazed I was when I realized that in 2019, that date fell on the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which, from my perspective at the time, reflected the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, just on the other side of Mt. Chiasmus.

Then our dear Brother Richard had an idea that we—the group in Paraguay—initially rejected, but later examined. He looked at the second possibility of the spring feasts and came to the anniversary of the Resurrection on May 27, 2019—also the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread—and on closer inspection, his idea solved the lack of harmony with the 1335 days of Daniel 12:12, which spanned well beyond April 27, 2019 to May 21, 2019. This was the foundation of our understanding that the seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread were the seven days of waiting for the little black cloud, by then already visible, which would eventually grow to the white cloud with Jesus at the top.

The idea that Alnitak would come again on the anniversary of His Resurrection and that the first resurrection of all those who died in Christ would take place on that day seemed so convincing that we began to believe that we had surely found the true day of the Second Coming. And since then, we have been announcing May 27, 2019 everywhere, as the day of the seal of the 144,000.

What never quite harmonized for me, however, was the fact that the 1335 days ended earlier on May 21, 2019, with the promise of a blessing.

Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. (Daniel 12:12)

Was this blessing really “just” that the little black cloud became visible? In my life, I have read many studies on the 1335 days, but no one ever had the idea of adding another 6 days. For everyone who takes the 1335 days literally, the end of the 1335 days is also the date of the Second Coming itself. That was a very unfamiliar interpretation of things to me, but we had nothing else that could have taught us a better solution.

And there was also the strong argument that Jesus' return would have to take place on a mirror-image day of the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles in order not to reject the insights we had recently gained on the ascent of Mt. Chiasmus!

Now I would like to ask the “heretical” question as to whether or not the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is really the reflection of the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles. The following simple graphic shows the answer:

The Reflection of the 7-day Feasts

At that time, we did not really mirror it correctly! The realization from the delivery of the everlasting covenant on the Day of the Witnesses was that Jesus would return on the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, but the opposite day (on the spring side) is not the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, but the first day of the feast.

The gamma-ray burst gave us the year 2019, but we must await Jesus on the first day of the seven-day spring feast, and that is May 21, 2019, which is also perfectly harmoniously the last of the 1335 days, as in all our charts in the Seven Lean Years and the Testament articles.

But there was the beautiful and logical argument that Jesus, when He was on earth, already fulfilled all of the spring feasts except for the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for which there was no plausible explanation in Jesus' life. It must represent an unfulfilled promise that has yet to be fulfilled on that day. What would have been more obvious than to assume that this was the promise of His Second Coming!? Could there be an even better explanation for the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread?

Yes, because the feast is not named after the events in Jesus' life, but has its origin in the feasts that God taught Moses. Some rites, such as slaughtering the Passover lamb before the first day of the feast, hinted at Jesus' sacrifice, but the Feast of Unleavened Bread has its origins in the delivery from slavery in Egypt: the Exodus. The Israelites were to eat unleavened bread for seven days per year to commemorate God’s great act of delivering them out of their misery, and that the Angel of Death walked through the ranks of the disbelieving Egyptians on the first day they ate unleavened bread. That is a type for the plagues.

Of course, the antitype of the exodus from Egypt is our exodus from this sin-condemned world under the slavery of the New World Order. The Israelites left their camp at Rameses in Egypt on the same day after the Angel of Death had killed the first-born of the Egyptians during the night.

And they departed from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month; on the morrow after the passover the children of Israel went out with an high hand in the sight of all the Egyptians. For the Egyptians buried all their firstborn, which the Lord had smitten among them: upon their gods also the Lord executed judgments. (Numbers 33:3-4)

Thus, the seven days of unleavened bread are symbolic (!) of the Jews’ wandering in the wilderness, until they reached the land of Canaan and celebrated the first Passover in history after crossing Jordan.

And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and kept the passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho. And they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day. And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year. (Joshua 5:10-12)

The unleavened bread on the first day after the first Passover after crossing the Jordan is symbolized by the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is the day when unleavened bread is eaten for the last time as a symbol of reaching the Promised Land. The following day, the manna ceased, symbolizing the end of the 372 rations that will also cease one day after we arrive in heaven, i.e. one day after the ceremonial Sabbath of the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Orion Nebula.[8] When moving the Second Coming six days forward, there is significant change in the distribution of portions of the Holy Spirit described in Section 3 of the Testament. That will be the theme of this testament’s Appendix B.

The judgment of the seven times

The first day we will spend in heaven includes a surprise, however. It is an Omer Sabbath, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. Omer Sabbaths symbolize a waiting time spanning a total of seven time units, the number of perfection in Christ.

We know that we will be judges in heaven for a millennium.

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (Revelation 20:4)

One millennium on God's judgment clock is not 1000 years, but 1008 years, as we know from The Grand Finale or from Christmas 2.0. When we celebrate the first Omer Sabbath on the day after our arrival in heaven (the Orion Nebula), there will still be 6 time units remaining until we reach Pentecost. When would that be in heavenly time units?

1008 years ÷ 6 time units = 168 years. Do you know that number?

Yes, it is the Orion formula, the basis of the seven time units of the judgment. The first Omer Sabbath in heaven means that one Orion-clock unit of the judgment has expired: the original Orion Judgment Cycle from 1844 to 2012, which was then further extended for 2 × 3½ years by the Judgment of the Living to 2019. The entire investigative judgment (of the dead and the living) thus reaches its conclusion in heaven after the seven days of the journey, which—as you know—correspond to the seven lean years on the earth. Then all of the enemies of God will be dead (the humans) or imprisoned on the earth for 1008 years (Satan and his demon angels).

On the very day of May 28, 2019, the day after the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the first Omer is counted and the Millennium begins the next day with six more heavenly “days” of 168 years each, until we return to the earth.

Just as the Holy Spirit once came down to the earth on Pentecost, Jesus-Alnitak will descend with us on the earth with the Holy City, after the Millennium. Then the sentencing judgment for the lost will also be extended briefly, until sin has finally been eradicated.

The crossing of the “Jordan”

The Feast of Unleavened Bread has almost the same meaning as the Feast of Tabernacles. As types, both end with the entering Canaan on the seventh day. In antitype, both end with our entry into the heavenly Canaan.

Where is the heavenly Canaan in reality? It is on the other side of the Jordan, the final frontier of space that we must cross in our seven-day voyage to the Orion Nebula, guided by our God, Jesus-Alnitak, in the Holy City. On the literal seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread of the 2nd possibility in 2019, the solar anniversary date of the Resurrection of our Lord, we enter the heavenly Canaan on May 27, 2019. Isn’t that an even greater promise to be fulfilled that day, than “just” the Second Coming? Isn’t that the physical delivery of the everlasting covenant, when we move into our true heritage?

Our exodus journey from the earth (Egypt) to the sea of glass (Canaan) takes exactly the seven days that Ellen G. White prophesied, which have always been symbolized by the Feast of Unleavened Bread:

We all entered the cloud together, and were seven days ascending to the sea of glass, when Jesus brought the crowns, and with His own right hand placed them on our heads. He gave us harps of gold and palms of victory. Here on the sea of glass the 144,000 stood in a perfect square. Some of them had very bright crowns, others not so bright. Some crowns appeared heavy with stars, while others had but few. All were perfectly satisfied with their crowns. And they were all clothed with a glorious white mantle from their shoulders to their feet. Angels were all about us as we marched over the sea of glass to the gate of the city. Jesus raised His mighty, glorious arm, laid hold of the pearly gate, swung it back on its glittering hinges, and said to us, “You have washed your robes in My blood, stood stiffly for My truth, enter in.” We all marched in and felt that we had a perfect right in the city. {EW 16.2}

Travel Path to OrionSince the journey now takes exactly seven days, we do not have to observe a Sabbath layover on another planet, as would have been necessary if Jesus had come on October 23, 2016 and as described in the Hour of Truth. There, I had to explain a total of nine travel days, which was not easy. Now it is easier and perfectly harmonious, especially with the first Omer Sabbath just after our arrival, on the evening of which (beginning the Jewish day) the wedding feast will take place. Before that, on the seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the 144,000 will have entered the temple to find out whether their service was successful and whether the sacrifice of their eternal lives was necessary or not.

Seven days mean seven stops during our crossing of the Jordan. But there are eight stops to the Orion Nebula. Check out the itinerary from At the Hand of Jesus again (at right).

Either Betelgeuse or Alnitak must have actually gone into a hypernova explosion, otherwise we would have eight travel stops. Which of the two stars will it be?

If it is Betelgeuse, we spend the journey’s Sabbath in the star system of Alnitak, which I consider to be a very harmonious place for Sabbath keepers of all generations. The center of the clock of God. The glorious star that we have on our foreheads.

But if it were Alnitak, as we had to assume in 2016, then we would be at Mintaka, the star representing the Holy Spirit.

For me personally, the verse of Revelation 15:7 contains the solution to the riddle:

And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever. (Revelation 15:7)

One of the four living beings stands out. In this case, it cannot be Alnitak. This verse led me to write the series on the wrath of God and to understand Betelgeuse as the origin of the plagues.

But the biggest argument that we will spend the Sabbath with Alnitak is this: Alnitak means—as you all know—the One who was wounded! It is the great sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross that wounded Him on May 25, in the year 31 AD. On May 25, 2019, we will celebrate the first Sabbath with the wounded Lord in the heavenly city during the journey! On the anniversary of His Resurrection, we will reach the heavenly Canaan. How little we had understood thus far!

The heavenly beacon

The above question brings us back to the source of our knowledge that Jesus will return in 2019. If we have not correctly mirrored the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, maybe we have not perfectly aligned the beam of the heavenly beacon, the gamma-ray burst of April 27, 2013?

As already mentioned, it was while I was searching for the reflection of the sign of Jonah in many possible years on the other side of Mt. Chiasmus that I first noticed April 27, 2019. The solar Jubilee on the then-correct seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread seemed to be a perfect “hit.”

Of course, we also come to the year 2019 when we understand where the 2 × 1260 days of the two witnesses lie, and that the middle of the seven years of the judgment of the living is where the man of sin stood in the place where he ought not, and the daily (sacrifice) was abolished. That was, of course, Pope Francis when he spoke before the US Congress and UN GA on September 24 and 25, 2015, right on Yom Kippur that same year and right at the end of the Orion seal-cycle. Only after another 30 days, the 1260 portions of the Holy Spirit from Ezekiel were available for the two witnesses. To simplify, we can say:

Spring 2012 + 3 ½ years = Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 + 3 ½ years = Spring 2019

So now we are putting the cart before the horse wondering where the gamma-ray burst of the year 2013 really points to in the spring of 2019...

The 27th of April of the year 2013 was the day of the wave sheaf of the first possibility. The day of the wave sheaf, the second day of the seven-day Feast of Unleavened Bread, has no equivalent in the autumn feasts in any of the instructions regarding the feasts. It is unique; it is the day of Jesus' resurrection! We cannot “mirror” it on the autumn feasts. And yet we have to make an important adjustment.

Let's make another diagram, to rule out mistakes this time:

The Correct Reflection of the GRB

The adjustment is that the Resurrection Day beacon of the 1st Possibility in the year 2013 shows the Resurrection Day of the 2nd Possibility in 2019... and that is May 22, 2019, the day after our departure from the earth.

Does it make sense? Yes, great sense even! I have repeatedly described that the gamma-ray burst would reach the earth when we have already left—or in other words, it is even the trigger for our pick-up, in a sense, because if we were still here, “no flesh would be saved.” It is what finally burns the earth and makes it the desert where Satan has to “hibernate” with his demons. I also described what the effects of a gamma-ray burst are, and that one side of the earth is completely burned while the other side has to endure the total atomic winter... the seven lean years of Ezekiel 39:9. So they start exactly on the day after our departure, which is foreshadowed by the gamma-ray burst in 2013.

If you like, the heavenly beacon on the day of firstfruits also shows the first resurrection of the saints of all ages being brought before the King of kings, just as Jesus ascended to the Holy City to His Heavenly Father on the day of the wave sheaf.

If we succeed in our mission, and multiply like the locusts in the loud cry of the fifth trumpet, no special resurrection of the people who died under the third angel's message will be necessary. Then—and only then—could the solar anniversary of the gamma-ray burst point to April 27, 2019 as the date of the special resurrection, a month before our arrival in the Orion Nebula. More about that in Appendix B.

The missing signature

What would this Appendix A to the testament of the church of Smyrna be worth if the Heavenly Notary left it uncertified? We have to go back to the office of the UAN to have this appendix certified...


Some of you have also explored the possible heavenly signs for the second coming already and have become aware of Mercury’s movements in the constellation of Taurus in May 2019. Then, scenes occur similar to those of the sixth trumpet at the beginning of June 2018 when the censer (Mercury) is thrown down to the earth.[9] The filling of the censer with the coals was symbolized by the conjunction of Mercury with the sun as a furnace. The conjunction will take place on June 6, 2018, three and a half days after the beginning of the sixth trumpet on June 3, 2018.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus thus represented an important moment in one of the heavenly spectacles in the context of biblical events, namely Jesus' departure from the heavenly sanctuary as the High Priest. It should be obvious now, that this conjunction could represent the return of Jesus as King Alnitak and the ascension of all who are raised in the first resurrection.

If you recall, we have already seen a sign of the Second Coming, which was the retrograde movement of Jupiter in the direction of Leo in the heavenly “East.” Please watch the video again!

Ellen G. White prophesied a movement of the small black cloud with Jesus (Jupiter) from the Most Holy (in the heavenly north = Scorpio/Aquila) to the east (Leo).[10] We deciphered the celestial directions using the biblical layout of the camp of the Israelites in the Old Testament. However, the description of this movement finds no equivalent in the Bible! Furthermore, the messenger of God gave us a timeframe, but not an exact day, which is typical of the time of the third angel's message.

Instead, the Bible foretells a different or another movement in the heavens related to the Second Coming, uttered by our King Himself:

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matthew 24:27)

If we translate “east” and “west” back into heavenly directions, then a bolt of “lightning” has to move from Leo to Taurus. Which “movable” heavenly body comes closest to being lightning? Our sun, of course! And it makes the movement from east to west every day right in front of our eyes. But does its movement from east to west along the Mazzaroth also have something to do with the verse above? In His office, the Heavenly Notary shows us...


With this knowledge, our meeting at the table of the twelve in the temple here in Paraguay ended on November 14, after I was allowed to explain this prophecy of our Lord to the brethren, which will soon find its real fulfillment on the heavenly canvas. We must finally understand that much of what Jesus said, or says, is explained by the heavenly signs. We praised the Lord for His wonders and the blessings we had received.

A prayer and its answer

As is often the case after a day of receiving much new light, I slept on it one night and talked intensively with the Lord the next morning about what I had learned. At the same time, I felt a rarely experienced unrest and burden of responsibility, because of the new date of the Second Coming. I was tormented by thoughts as to whether I was still His messenger, after He had said that the written work was completed. Plus, we had just released the new Legacy Book the day before we got the new date. Could it really be that Jesus, just when the public work was finished, wanted another change, even though Brother Dan prophesied that an old experience would be repeated?

I prayed on the morning of November 15 and felt the Holy Spirit guide my prayer. I requested three things as a confirmation of the new date of the return, because I did not want to rely solely on Godshealer7 or my own “wisdom”:

  • Fitting textual proof from the Bible that describes the conjunction of Mercury with the sun on the day of the Second Coming.

  • A dream from among our ranks that confirms that we are God's people and that it is not far to the Second Coming.

  • An event in the world that also shows that the plagues are not far away.

The next few hours would be exciting, because the same day, God heard the three requests I had presented to Him. Although He gave me the desired confirmations in the order in which I numbered them, I would like to go from bottom to top, because numbers 3 and 2 are quick to explain.

The event in the world on November 15, 2017 was clearly the news that the vast majority of the Australian population voted in favor of gay marriage and the government promised the introduction of it by Christmas, because of the pressure of the people. A whole “Christian” continent has thus chosen the image of the beast!

The mark of the beast is almost complete in Europe, fully complete in North America (except in some small areas in Mexico), and almost complete in South America. After Taiwan became the first country in Asia to introduce gay marriage in May of this year, that totally “unchristian” continent was no longer free of the mark of the beast. In Africa, the country of South Africa caused that continent, which also has few Christians, to be sullied as early as 2006.

Thus, Australia was the only missing continent as one of two prerequisites for fulfilling these important words of the Spirit of Prophecy:

When the defiance of the law of Jehovah shall be almost universal, when His people shall be pressed in affliction by their fellow men, God will interpose. The fervent prayers of His people will be answered, for He loves to have His people seek Him with all their heart and depend upon Him as their Deliverer.—The Review and Herald, June 15, 1897. {LDE 153.1}

The substitution of the laws of men for the law of God, the exaltation, by merely human authority, of Sunday in place of the Bible Sabbath, is the last act in the drama. When this substitution [same-sex marriage] becomes universal, God will reveal Himself. He will arise in His majesty to shake terribly the earth. He will come out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the world for their iniquity, and the earth shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.—Testimonies for the Church 7:141. {ChS 160.2}

Of course, a few small Christian countries like Paraguay are also still missing, but we have elections coming up in April 2018, and we already know that all candidates for the presidency are supporters of the LGBT movement.

Item 2 of my prayer, asking for a dream from among our ranks as confirmation of the nearness of the coming of Jesus, was fulfilled in an entirely unexpected way. It did not turn out as usual with a new dream in my e-mail inbox from one of our members, but instead on Facebook I stumbled across the news that there was a strong earthquake in South Korea. It had taken place during the night as I slept, but I had known nothing of it when I said my morning prayer.

The 50-second video attached to the article left me speechless. At 11 seconds, you can see a building out of the middle of whose windows flow waterfalls. Then we are shown scenes of mostly young people and schoolchildren crying out in fear of falling buildings, but they don’t appear too scared. This is exactly the scene that Brother Aquiles saw in one of his first dreams. The hydroelectric plant with the power lines that he saw, of course, points to North Korea, because it has the plant in its emblem. Here is the dream again, with some emphasis added.

Aquiles’ dream from December 15, 2012

In my dream I am standing, lined up to enter a building that looked like the offices of a hydroelectric power plant. There were also many children about to enter the place. The front of the building had many large windows. As if watching a movie (because I had the impression that this scene was repeated) a giant ball crashed into the front of the building. It only made a hole where it went in, but did nothing to the windows. I waited because I knew that the ball had to return the same way it entered. It came out through the same hole, doing no harm while exiting. We—the people who were there—had no fear and stayed to enter the building. I guess we thought that all this was part of the show. When the ball came out, we saw strong jets of water come out from the windows, but they behaved like light beams, and we did not get wet. Someone behind us said: “We have to wait for the consequences of the hit!” I looked back and saw a giant electrical tower behind us where the power lines were hanging on hangers very near the tower. An immense light exploded as if there were a short circuit. I saw one high tension power line breaking and it was heading to the earth. I also saw a worker of the hydroelectric power plant. He jumped into the air from the building like a trapeze artist trying to grab the trapeze in their performances, and grabbed the cable in the air that was threatening to hit the ground. He was wearing isolation gloves on his hands. Likewise I saw another worker doing the same with a second cable. Then I woke up.

I think the “ball” is supposed to signify Jesus' imminent coming, but since it is not doing any harm yet, the situation can be salvaged. In reality, we have now come to the place of the dream where someone said, “Wait for the consequences of the hit!” The efforts of South Korea and China to resolve the tensions (high voltage) with North Korea before it becomes a nuclear disaster are symbolized by the two workers who want to catch the falling power lines. This, too, seems to fit well, since we are only in the fourth trumpet.

With this, the Lord confirmed our view of the end-time events by fulfilling a dream that had already been sent to me in 2012. Blessed be the Lord!

Now we come to the biblical textual proof that I had requested. It is the eponym of this appendix.

The revealing of a mystery

If we look up to the heavens and watch the movements of the sun, moon and planets in the Mazzaroth, we must never make the mistake of being impressed by any conjunctions unless we can find descriptive biblical texts. I have seen this error in both the group in Paraguay as well as in the forum. Please be careful; the path between biblical astronomy and pagan astrology is very, very narrow!

Even the name “biblical astronomy” says that we find prophecies of the signs in the Bible, whose meaning and timing are corroborated by the movements of the heavenly bodies. Nothing that happens in the heavens is of interest to us if it has no biblical verse as its basis.

So it is with the “heavenly sign” of the conjunction of the sun and Mercury on the new date of the return on May 21, 2019. If we can’t find a verse in the Bible that describes this scene, then it remains only one of several normal conjunctions of Mercury and the sun that happen every year!

My request to Alnitak stems from this realization, and Jesus said through Godshealer7 that “No one knows the time of My return, but a mystery will be revealed to some of you.” If our time of May 27, 2019 was not the date of the return, then it was right what she said in the first part of her statement, but why didn’t she just say, “…but the mystery will be revealed to some of you,” which would have clearly meant that a group of people would know the return date from the Holy Spirit, which we now do?

No, a mystery must be revealed that relates to the Second Coming, and it is a verse that has surely struck many of you while reading Matthew 24, because you could not understand it:

For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. (Matthew 24:28)

Well, this statement alone is already strange enough, because eagles are not scavengers. But that notion is dissuaded by the overwhelming majority of Bible commentators with the succinct explanation that Jesus meant vultures instead of eagles. But isn’t that a blatant accusation against Jesus, that as the Creator, He doesn’t even know the difference between those bird species!?

The Adventist Bible commentary is no exception:

Eagles. Gr. aetoi, probably here, “vultures” rather than “eagles.” Eagles are not gregarious, nor do they feed on carrion as do the vultures (see on Hab. 1:8).[11]

The commentators agree that the verse owes to a proverb that was common at the time, but it was certainly “Where the carrion is, there the vultures gather.” What is interpreted as a careless mistake has deep meaning, and Jesus wanted to draw attention to something important through this striking alteration of a common saying: it is a mystery, or riddle!

We have to re-read the context for it to be clear that this statement is surely directed to the time of the Second Coming, and not any other end-time event.

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. (Matthew 24:26-28)

For one thing, Jesus says that we should not believe anyone who wants to show us some “Jesus” anywhere on the earth, but that we must look up to the heavens where lightning normally flashes. On the other hand, He directly links the coming of the Son of Man with the strangely altered proverb.

Luke tells the story in very similar terms, but highlights another aspect of the day of the Second Coming:

I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together. (Luke 17:34 37)

We must be aware that Luke speaks here of the gathering of the risen and living saints from the earth, and thus also associates the saying with the day of the Second Coming when the rapture takes place.

Matthew also leaves no doubt as to how the rapture will happen:

And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:31)

And Paul tells us where the angels are taking us to:

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

We see three symbols in the conjunction in the heavens on the day of the Second Coming: the sun, Mercury and the constellation Taurus. The sun, of course, stands for the bridegroom, Jesus Himself:

Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. (Psalm 19:4-6)

The gathering angels are purposely not called vultures by Jesus because they are not scavengers, but are taking to rescue, like eagles:

For the Lord'S portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance. He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye. As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: (Deuteronomy 32:9-11)

The cherubim of Ezekiel and the seraphim of the throne room vision—both of which are angels—have faces like eagles or even are eagles:

Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. . . . As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle. (From Ezekiel 1:5-10)

And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. (Revelation 4:7)

But what is the carcass where they gather? One can also translate “carcass” here as a “dead body” or “corpse.”

From the alternate of G4098; a ruin, that is, (specifically) lifeless body (corpse, carrion): - dead body, carcase, corpse.

We have long understood the constellation of Taurus as a symbol for Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross. Animal sacrifices, especially bulls, were slaughtered for forgiveness of sins at the altar in the sanctuary until the corpse of the true evening sacrifice was buried on May 25, 31 AD.

Let us rewrite Jesus’ mysterious sentence with real equivalents substituted for the symbols:

…so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Where the constellation of Taurus is, the angels gather (per Matthew 24:27-28).

In other words, the Bridegroom (the sun) waits in the constellation of Taurus for the angels (i.e. the messengers for whom Mercury stands, as the “messenger of the gods”) sent out to gather the saints to come back to Him, bringing the saints with them. When all the angels have (Mercury has) arrived there (the conjunction on May 21, 2019), the Holy City can depart and the gamma-ray burst will do its destruction on the following Jewish day.

With that, (again) a great mystery, which our Lord left us in His wonderful language of riddles for the study of the last days, has been solved by looking up at the heavens. No one in all the world can solve these mysteries unless he looks up, as the Lord commanded us to do. The Bible commentators comment—like most Facebook commenters—on their own ignorance.

Why now?

I also wondered how it could be, that we receive a change in the date of the return right now, after completing our testament and Legacy Book.

Sister Barbara learned that the “time of reckoning” (or counting) is now, i.e. that the final sealing of the people now begins. That is correct, because it started with us, since we did not know the true date of the return until November 14, 2017, and you, dear friends in the forum, did not know it until the anniversary of our descent from Mt. Chiasmus.

Brother Dan pointed out that history repeats, and he received another important hint in the next sentence:

The present speaks for the past, for what was, shall be. I am a God of order, for all things have a purpose known only to me.

If the purpose is known only to God, how should it be known to us? I can only speculate that God the Father, for reasons unknown to us, does not want other outsiders to know the true date of His Son's arrival.

“God the Father alone maketh known the time,” is another translation of the statement that only God the Father knows the time, which is acknowledged by many Bible scholars.[12] Only those who already have the seal of Philadelphia on their foreheads and have shown that they are worthy by their willingness to sacrifice their own eternal life, will learn from God the Father the true date of the return, through the heavenly signs.

We are in great danger if we now think of adapting our writings to the new knowledge. We risk that it would not be the will of the Father. He chose the time when we should learn what no one else is allowed to find out. He makes a big difference between the 144,000 and the rest of the saved, as you can see from other statements...

And as we were about to enter the holy temple, Jesus raised His lovely voice and said, “Only the 144,000 enter this place,” and we shouted, “Alleluia.” {EW 18.2}

There is another great danger in the new return date. It is the 21st of May (2019). Unfortunately, Satan was allowed to have a barker call out that date with an unclean tongue: Harold Camping, who has already departed from the land of the living. He announced this date as the date of the rapture for the year 2011 so loud that it still resonates with many today. If we were to proclaim this date, we would only be drawing the people’s ridicule even more. Do a Google image search with “Harold Camping May 21” and you will understand what I am talking about.

No, instead of preaching this date we should heed what Ellen G. White prophesied concerning our movement:

John came in the spirit and power of Elijah to proclaim the first advent of Jesus. I was pointed down to the last days and saw that John represented those who should go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to herald the day of wrath and the second advent of Jesus. {EW 155.1}

The day of the wrath of God is August 20, 2018, and as the sun indicates, this is also the beginning of the lightning that moves from east to west, showing the coming of Christ.

The time of reckoning (sealing) will have already ended on June 3, 2018. Doesn’t it make much more sense to warn about these two events, than about the day of the coming of Christ itself?

As Brother Ray will continue to share in Appendix B, the Lord has given instructions to me by connecting my life story with that of King Hezekiah. Hezekiah was a good king of the tribe of Judah (lion in the banner!), who is mentioned in detail in three books of the Bible. He was the king with the clock and backwards-running time, and he wrote letters to summon the people to a second-month Feast of Unleavened Bread, which we do as well. He later made only the one mistake of showing all his riches to the Babylonians. We do not want to repeat that mistake!

See the wind and hear the lightning

I would like to quote Sister Barbara once again, or Jesus who speaks through her:

No one knows the time of My return, but a mystery will be revealed to some of you. You will see the wind, and you will hear the lightning. When this comes to pass, I am at the door and will be opening it. Now is the time to pray for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Have you seen the wind? Have you seen the trumpets, each warning of the loosing of the four winds in the sixth trumpet? Have you seen in the heavens how the censer (Mercury) of the High Priest, Jesus (Orion), is first filled with burning coals and then thrown down to the earth? If not, watch The Elijah Signs again, and read all the articles in the Prophecies Fulfilled section, especially the Shaking of the Heavens series.

Have you heard the lightning? How can you hear a flash? By hearing about it. Have you heard about the gamma-ray burst on April 27, 2013? Yeah, sure. But did you see it? No, only the scientists did.

Do you understand, that when the mystery is revealed, Jesus will open a door? Which door is that? The open door for the church of Philadelphia of Revelation 3:8. Everyone who knows the true date of the Second Coming, is sealed with it and enters that door!

Now, to conclude the story about finding the true date of the Second Coming of our dearly awaited Lord, I would like to give you, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the ultimate proof that we have always had the truth about the gamma-ray burst, as described in the Wrath of God series.

In that series, I mentioned some Bible verses dealing with the end of the earth through one (or more) lightning flashes, but none of the verses gave a location, except what is dealt with in this Appendix A, from the mouth of Jesus Himself:

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matthew 24:27)

We have already understood the sun’s course from the constellation of Leo, beginning on August 20, 2018, as the fulfillment of this prophecy from Jesus. But prophetic statements from our Lord often have a double meaning, especially in Matthew 24!

Jesus calls a flash of lightning by name and indicates where it would “go out” from, namely from the east, and He also gives the “point of impact,” namely the west. This immediately brings us to the question of whether the gamma-ray burst that happened on April 27, 2013 happened in the east, and whether the expected gamma-ray burst from Betelgeuse would take place on May 22, 2019 in the heavenly west.

The Lightning of Jesus from East to West

The question as to whether Betelgeuse is in the heavenly west can be answered unambiguously with “yes” according to the camp rules of the Israelites, because Orion stands at the altar, i.e. the constellation of Taurus that represents the heavenly west.

Here's another picture, so as not to strain your mental visualization too much:

Heavenly West

Betelgeuse is thus in the heavenly west. But how can we find out where the gamma-ray burst came from on the ascent side of Mt. Chiasmus?

Everyone has seen the comparison of the two pictures before and after the famous gamma-ray burst, which was the brightest of all time, exactly on the day of the Lord's resurrection, and even at the correct hour:

The Great Gamma-ray Burst of 2013

NASA published the photographs of the Fermi telescope. You have to realize that each of the spheres show the entire universe. The blue dots are gamma rays, with already extremely high light intensities. The left- and right-hand spheres are respectively before and after the “eye-wateringly bright” gamma-ray burst of April 27, 2013—with three times more energy than the previous record—as a single pin point of extremely bright light on the vast sphere of the universe.

We are interested in knowing which direction in the universe this lightning came from. Is it possible that it fulfills Jesus' prophecy even better and more literally than the path of the sun has already shown in relation to the plagues? Could it be that it is truly coming from the heavenly east?

Wikimedia has the photos with the directions indicated...

GRB130427A came from Leo

As improbable as it may sound, the gamma-ray burst came from the constellation of Leo, the heavenly east, according to the biblical camp rules of the Israelites. It is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who already knew in the time of the apostles which sign would foretell His coming. Anyone who still thinks that Jesus doesn’t know the time is a fool who has built his house on the sand.

Jesus was right when on November 13, 2017, Godshealer7 proclaimed that no one knew the time of His return. Now we know it, because (more than) a mystery has been revealed to us.

I mean that, “failed” instead of “feigned.” They have become “failed” Christians; they do not save others, and are not saved themselves. 
Leviticus 11:22 – Even these of them ye may eat; the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after his kind, and the beetle after his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind. 
Isaiah 26:18 – We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen [been born]. 
He who does not worship the image of the beast does not belong to those who are stricken by the fifth trumpet, and will not be abandoned by God. 
A reference to the heavenly signs that accompany us. 
The day of arrival in the Orion Nebula is May 27, 2019. The 372 portions end by this day, and access to the Tree of Life is on May 28, 2019, on the first evening after our arrival. See Appendix B of the Legacy series. 
See Part 5 of The Elijah Signs
Ellen G. White, Day Star – And I saw a flaming cloud come where Jesus stood and he laid off his priestly garment and put on his kingly robe, took his place on the cloud which carried him to the east where it first appeared to the saints on earth, a small black cloud, which was the sign of the Son of Man. While the cloud was passing from the Holiest to the east which took a number of days, the Synagogue of Satan worshiped at the saints feet. {DS March 14, 1846, par. 2
Nichol, F. D. (1978; 2002). The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, Volume 5 (841). Review and Herald Publishing Association. 
Mark 13:32 – But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Bible passages like these have led to much confusion. The best explanation of when and how God the Father will announce the time of Jesus' coming (and that He really does so) is probably in A Word to the Little Flock. I whole-heartedly recommend reading the chapter entitled “The Voice of God”. As you read, you will be amazed at what the pioneers already knew about the heavenly signs and us. 

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